NTN develops high load cylindrical roller bearings for wind turbines

NTN has developed a high-capacity cylindrical roller bearing that can be used to support the output shaft and intermediate shaft of a wind turbine speed increaser. By arranging the number of rollers that are substantially the same as those of the FullType Roller Bearing, the load capacity is increased and the rated life is 1.5 times that of the original bearing with the retainer.
The speed increasers of wind turbines are generally set at higher positions and are difficult to maintain. Therefore, the bearings of the speed increaser are required to have high reliability and long-term service life. In addition, in recent years, in order to improve power generation efficiency, the power and volume of wind turbines are also increasing, and bearings with high load capacity have a large demand.
As a bearing with high load capacity, the wind turbine generator input shaft originally used "cylinder roller bearing without cage". Compared with a bearing with a retainer, this type of bearing has the advantages of a large number of rollers and a long rating life. However, since the cylindrical roller bearing without the cage is in contact with the adjacent rollers, it is easy to cause damage such as meshing and abrasion, and can only be used under low-speed rotation. Abrasive wear is a surface damage that occurs on the rolling surface caused by tiny scratches.
For the medium and high speed rotating speed increaser, the output shaft and the intermediate shaft use the "cylindrical roller bearing with retainer". The bearing with the retainer has the advantage of excellent rotation performance, and also has the drawback that the number of rollers is small and it is difficult to meet the requirements for long life. Therefore, the company has developed a cylindrical roller that has increased the load capacity without reducing the rotation performance and has a rated life of 1.5 times that of the original product by replacing the original retainer with the newly developed "roller bearing race". Bearing.
Since the roller does not fall off after the inner wheel is pulled out, the inner and outer wheels can be handled as accessories, and the installation can be easily performed. The bearing size is an inner diameter of φ120 × an outer diameter of φ 260 × 86 mm. In addition to the speed increaser used in wind turbines, it can also be used on transmissions for industrial equipment and construction machinery.

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