The first set of high-power long-distance heavy-duty scraper conveyors

China's self-developed first set of machine power of 3 × 700KW, hourly capacity of 3,500 tons, transport distance of 300 meters of heavy-duty scraper conveyor and supporting high-power transfer machine, crusher complete sets of equipment, recently in the China Coal Group Corporation The company completed the development and passed the factory inspection and acceptance, and will be put into use in the near future. The development of this equipment has successfully filled the blank of the transportation equipment of the fully mechanized mining face with a length of 300 meters and a height of 5 meters above the coal mine in China. It marks that the level of localization of major technical equipment in China's coal mine has reached a new level, promoting high production and high efficiency. Mine construction has important significance.

This set of equipment is a high-power, long-distance, high-reliability fully mechanized complete set of equipment developed to meet the full-scale mining face of more than 5 meters in China with an annual output of 6 million tons. It has high power, large capacity and reliability. High outstanding features. For the first time, the equipment adopts high-power planetary gear reducer, φ48×152 compact high-strength circular chain and its link ring, 1.75-meter-long integral cast-welded structure middle groove, telescopic transmission tail, high-strength integral forged tooth type It is the leading domestic technology such as sales and is equipped with advanced control devices such as hydraulic tight chain and friction limited clutch.

This equipment also uses the working condition monitoring and monitoring technology of the working face scraper conveyor for the first time, which can timely and accurately monitor the lubricating oil temperature, bearing temperature and cooling water usage of the equipment transmission, and improve the conveyor. Operational reliability provides data and technical support for early troubleshooting and modern automated facets.

Zhangjiakou Coal Mine Machinery Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of China Coal Equipment Co., Ltd., which develops this set of equipment, is the largest enterprise in China's coal mine machinery manufacturing industry and has important influences at home and abroad. In recent years, the company has been the undertaker of the national 6 million tons project of coal mine comprehensive mining equipment, implementing the national requirements for revitalizing the equipment manufacturing industry, strengthening the capacity building of independent innovation, relying on its state-level enterprise technology center and nationally recognized experiment. The resource advantages of the post-doctoral research station of the company and the company have independently developed a number of coal mine complete sets of equipment with international and domestic leading level, especially in the development direction of domestic scraper conveyors, which has played a leading and demonstrating role for China's coal mining equipment. The development of the manufacturing industry has made a positive contribution.

The Ignition Distributor for NISSAN

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Distributor for NISSAN

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