Application of Carbon Dioxide Detector in Agricultural Planting

More than t95% of crop yields come from photosynthesis. That is, plants use sunlight to synthesize CO2 and water into carbohydrates. However, the C content in air is too low at only 33 Oppm. Therefore, increasing the application of C62 gas in greenhouses or large plastic bottles can significantly increase the production of vegetables.

Different plants have different requirements for carbon dioxide under different climatic conditions. If the CO2 concentration exceeds the limit, crops will be reduced. Therefore, the device must monitor and control the concentration of C in the air to reach the optimum value. At present, the existing carbon dioxide detectors at home and abroad are expensive and are not suitable for use by Chinese farmers. To this end, the State Science and Technology Commission Director Song Jian proposed that as soon as possible to develop a cheap C Vengeance Detector to solve the urgent needs of vegetable production. New carbon dioxide detector. Main features are low price (only a few hundred dollars). High precision, AC and DC dual use. Pull type, power consumption (power saving), simple operation. Very suitable for rural areas.

The stronger the solar light is, the higher the judging degree is, the stronger the photosynthesis of the plant is, and the more C gas is needed by Dan Dan. Therefore, when the sun is strong at noon on a sunny day, the plastic malleolus have a high degree of judging, and more C fertilizer should be applied. The concentration should be controlled at 1000. Ie between pm. In the morning or in the afternoon, when the sun is weak and the temperature is low in the big urn, C fertilizer should be applied sparingly, and the concentration should be between 500 and 1ooppm. Cloudy or rainy days, there is no sunlight. C gas fertilizer should not be added. According to the demonstration results of C detectors across the country in the past two years, the yield increase effect of vegetables is significant. Compared with the control amnesty, the average increase of 20% per mu.

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