Remanufacturing warranty is more important

In recent years, China's enterprises that have entered the remanufacturing of auto parts have mushroomed, and there are more than 30 companies involved in the remanufacturing of engines and components. For a long time, the remanufacturing market of auto parts in China has been lagging due to the constraints of old recycling channels, high remanufacturing costs, low market awareness, high remanufacturing thresholds, and difficult policy bottlenecks. Slow state.

● Remanufacturing warranty is more important

In the maintenance market, how to allow consumers to accept the quality of remanufactured products and ensure that consumers do not harm their rights when using remanufactured products is also a problem that many remanufactured parts and components companies must face. Enterprises need to make a comprehensive analysis of the risks and impacts of using remanufactured products during the warranty period. It is necessary to consider the practical use requirements of remanufacturing during the warranty period in order to achieve a reasonable application.

The definition of the quality of remanufactured parts is also the focus of everyone’s attention. The quality of remanufactured parts should be equivalent to new parts. The quality here should emphasize the performance index, not the product life, because the life of the remanufactured product does not need to be the same as the new one. "But the best way to re-manufacture a product that wins the market's final acceptance in quality is to have the original supplier engage in the remanufacturing of this part, because it knows more about the key technologies and performance indices in the development and use of the product. "One vehicle company representative said. Another vehicle company representative stated that it is necessary to strengthen the promotion of mainstream after-sales service channels such as 4S stores and large-scale service stations in order to increase consumer awareness of remanufactured products.

● smooth promotion of engine parts

In recent years, the remanufacturing and promotion of engines and their components in China have progressed smoothly. Weichai, China National Heavy Duty Truck, Xichai, Yuchai, FAW and other companies have invested a large amount of funds for the remanufacturing of engines. Currently, in this field, the company has formed a line of technical development at all levels and effective recycling and marketing. Operation mode.

The remanufacturing of internal combustion engines will rely on the diversification of cooperation models and the diversification of industrial capital, in the aspects of efficient green cleaning technology equipment, surface engineering technology, non-destructive testing and life assessment, oil-to-gas emission upgrades, and fuel injection systems, superchargers, and A number of internal combustion engine remanufacturing projects, such as processing systems, have focused on development.

At present, China's auto parts remanufacturing industry still cannot develop rapidly in the short term, but with the continuous support of national policies and the drive of circular economy-oriented economy, as the world's largest automotive consumer market, China's auto parts remanufacturing market The growth is still expected by all parties in the industry.

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