What are the wellbore equipment?

The wellbore equipment includes a tank road, a tank road beam, a ladder room, a bottom hole support structure, an over-winding device, a canister beam, and the like. Wherein the main components of the tank and the tank passage channel for the beam, its function is to eliminate the wobble lift when the vessel is running, lifting the container to ensure high-speed, safe operation, to prevent falling and lifting the container. Wellbore equipment can be divided into two types according to the form of tanks: rigid or flexible equipment.
A wellbore rigid equipment is mainly composed of rigid tank road and tank road beam:
a Rigid tank road Rigid tank road is divided into four types: wooden tank road, rail tank road, steel combined tank road and integral rolling tank. The specifications, material characteristics and applicable conditions are shown in the table.
b Tank rails Tank rails (referred to as tank racks) are used to fix tank channels in the wellbore. The interlayer layers can Beams determined by the tank on the standard length, commonly used materials for the metal cans beam, the tank is also useful reinforced concrete beam, because of its larger cross section, are limited in use. In small and medium-sized metal mines, wooden cans are also used individually.
c . Arrangement of cans and cans According to the relationship between the position of the lifting container and the tank, the tanks are divided into two types: double side arrangement, single ground arrangement, end face arrangement and diagonal arrangement. Various arrangements.
In recent years, the arrangement of cantilever beam and cantilever support frame has been adopted, which has improved the utilization of the section and simplified the layer
structure. Steel can be saved, and Heping No. 3 Mine of Pingdingshan No. 7 Mine is already in use. However, this structure requires high quality of the borehole wall and accurate installation requirements. Maintenance is more difficult.
Calculation and selection of d tank beam and tank path The calculation method of the load on the tank beam and the tank channel is usually calculated by static calculation method (when there is a fuse), that is, the external force assumed to be equal to the multiple of the static load of the lifting container. This method is simple to calculate, but the internal force decision is not clear enough.
Examples of commonly used tank beams in China are listed in the table.
For the calculation of wood cans, static calculation is generally used. For the sake of simplicity, the wood can road section can also be selected as shown.

B- well flexible equipment The flexible equipment system consists of a rope tank road with a fixing device at one end, a tensioning device at the other end, a guide on the lifting container, and a rigid tank path and cradle for each level of the vehicle. The rope channel has the following advantages over the steel channel:
1 ) There is no tank beam in the rope tank road, which can save steel and reduce the cost;
2 ) The structure is simple, the installation is convenient, and the construction period is short;
(3) It is easy to maintain, has a long service life, is simple to change rope, and has little impact on production;
4 ) The ropeway is flexible, and the lifting is stable without collision;
5 ) There is no tank beam in the well to reduce ventilation resistance.
The disadvantage of the rope is that the safety clearance is larger than that of the rigid tank, so the cross section of the wellbore is correspondingly increased, and the derrick is to suspend the tank rope, thus increasing the load on the derrick, and the bottom of the well is also equipped with a tensioning device. The depth, which increases the amount of wellbore engineering.

Centrifugal Slurry Pump Impeller: 

Centrifugal Slurry Pump impeller is the wearing parts, according to different application use different type slurry pump impeller can enhance the efficienciesefficiency of slurry pump. Our impeller can be the impeller. Our XXX series slurry pump are equivalent to AH series pumps Warman slurry pump, our impeller and other wearing parts can be the parts of Warman Slurry Pump Impeller .


K type impeller- Closed Non-clogging impeller. For clear water, lime slurry, the sewage and fluids containing solids and sludge which do not liberate gas. 


N type impeller- closed multi-vane impeller. For clear water, the fluid containing slight suspension such as treated sewage, screen water,


O type impeller-Open impeller. Same application as [N" impeller but including fluids which contains air.


F type impeller Free flow impeller. For fluids containing coarse solids liable to bunch or plait (such as long fibue admixtures, sticky particles and so on) and fluids containing air.



-Can manufacture parts according to your drawings.
-Materials as follows:
1.High Chrome concentration alloy 1, Rockwell hardness HRC ≥60, high abrasion application.
2.High Chrome concentration alloy 2, Rockwell hardness HRC ≥58, high  abrasion application .
3.High Chrome concentration alloy 3,  both anti-abrasion and corrosion-resistant, can be used in PH ≥4 and cl- 20000 ppm environment.
4. Other materials according to your requirements.


Slurry Pump Impeller

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