20L Double Station Extrusion Blow Molding Machine

Model NO.: TDM-90II
Production Name: 20L Double Station Blow Molding Machine
Application: for Various Kinds of Plastic Cans Production
Blow Moulding Type: Extrusion Blow Molding
Certificate: Ce,ISO9001,SGS
Motor: Siemens
Abroad Service: Available
Trademark: SINO-TECH
Transport Package: Iron Tray or Wooden Case
Specification: CE, ISO9001
Origin: Made in China
HS Code: 8477401000

20L Double Station Extrusion Blow Molding Machine
MODEL: Double Station Extrusion Blow Molding Machine SRB90D

TARGET PRODUCT: 5~20L Jerry Cans, Bottles, Kettles and Toys




GUARANTEE TIME: One Year After Delivery

Machine Model


Max Product Volume


Target Material


Machine Weight

12.8 Tons

Voltage Suitable

Customer Specified

Screw Diameter

90 mm

L/D Ratio


Barrel Heating Power

21.4 KW

Extrusion Motor Power

45 KW

Plasticizing Capacity

160 KG

Platen Size

600x650 mm

Opening Stroke

400~850 mm

Max Mould Size

600x600 mm

Head No.



Central Distance


260 mm

Heating Zone No.



Head Heating Power

11 KW

Total Power

97 KW

Average Energy Consumption

51.5 KW

Compressed Air Needed

0.8 Mpa / 1.2 m3

Cooling Water Needed

6.5 m3/H

Loading Reference




Head mode: the continuous extrusion head is designed with material center coming-in type and removing the plastic melting line on the product surface, easily for material or color change, saving the time & material cost with speedy operation. 


Gradient mixing type with high-speed energy saving design, gradually changed screw with same distance and different deep. Material of screw: High quality nitriding steel 38CrMoAlA,with nitriding surface HV≥800,brittleness≤2. Material of barrel: High quality nitriding steel 38CrMoAlA,with nitriding surface HV≥900,brittleness≤2. 


The main hydraulic system is mainly composed of motor, pump, pressure regulating valve block, reversing valve blocks, cylinders and oil chillers. It controls platens open & close, carriage up & down, extrusion system up & down, blow pin actions, or even spinning cut and so on. 


The electrical control system is composed of operation panel, temperature control module, PLC, input & output module, proportion board, contactors, voltage stabilized source, air swtiches, mid relays, proximity switches, inverter and motors. The operation panel contains power switch, touch screen, alarm, hot cutter knob, auto cycle button, emergency stop button, action reversion button, extruding speed button. 


Clamping unit is composed of front & back platens, clamping seat, carriage seat, mould stroking & clamping hydraulic cylinders, synchronizing mechanism, with the structure of nether crank design. Platen movements open & close, carriage up & down is assisted with linear guide rails & ball bearing sliders to increase action smoothness and position precision. The end positions & slow speed positions are controlled by proximity switches or transducers. 


The pneumatic system contains air cylinder, air valves, air filters, air tubes, fast plugs and so on, for controlling the actions of head inner blowing, blow pin blowing, auto-deflashing, or pushing in & out for some special moulds. The necessary air pressure is 0.8~1.0 Mpa, air consumption is 1.0~1.2 M3/min. The water system contains water distributing blocks, ball valves, tubes, connectors and so on, for chilling the screw & barrel, hard gear box, blowing units and moulds. The necessary water pressure is 0.2~0.4 Mpa, water consumption is 6500L/hour.

20L Double Station Extrusion Blow Molding Machine
20L Double Station Extrusion Blow Molding Machine

20L Double Station Extrusion Blow Molding Machine

20L Double Station Extrusion Blow Molding Machine
20L Double Station Extrusion Blow Molding Machine

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