Yu Sujie Takes New WABCO Will Always Passionate and Innovative

With a series of new technologies launched by WABCO at the 2014 IAA Commercial Vehicle Show and Ms. Su Jie promoted to the position of Vice President of WABCO Group, President of Asia Pacific and China, WABCO held a media exchange in Suzhou recently. At the meeting, Yu Sujie, Vice President of WABCO Group, President of Asia Pacific Region and China, Ren Jian, Director of Market and Strategy for Asia-Pacific Region, and Chen Chunyi, General Manager of Host Sales in China, made full appearances and had extensive communication with the media at the conference. .

Policy Opportunity Challenge

In 2015, China will implement four standards for diesel vehicles. Since the notice was issued in March by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the market has responded accordingly. Whether it is the unsalable sales of the country's three vehicles, or the wait-and-see status of the country’s four vehicles, or individual regions, individual dealers have stepped up to clean up the country. The three-car-stricken village shows that the implementation of this policy has a huge and far-reaching impact on the market. For parts suppliers that are closely related to the entire vehicle market, WABCO is inevitably affected by the forthcoming implementation of the Fourth National Policy. In response, Ren Jian, director of marketing and strategy for WABCO Asia Pacific, said that the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology had announced that the implementation of the fourth national production in 2015 had affected the production of finished vehicles this year, and the production had declined. WABCO maintains a 10% growth rate based on its extensive product line and its differentiated configuration.

He said frankly that this is inseparable from WABCO’s three strategic cornerstones - execution. Through lean production control and localization strategies, cost and design optimization are achieved. At the same time, adjustments are made in internal operations to ensure that performance and expected benefits are met.

Chen Chunyi, general manager of host sales in China, said that WABCO's product line is mainly in chassis control, active safety and fuel reduction, and does not involve engine emission technology. The impact of the implementation of State IV on WABCO is not significant. The new national standard GB-7258, which began implementation on September 1 this year, requires that all heavy-duty trucks weighing more than 12 tons be equipped with ABS, resulting in a 2.5-fold increase in ABS demand for the entire truck market. WABCO also achieved ABS this year. The system products are fully domesticated. The implementation of the new national standard is a very big advantage for WABCO.

Resource customization breakthrough

Ren Jian, Director of Marketing and Strategy at WABCO Asia Pacific, introduced at the press conference that in the three strategic pillars of WABCO, the concept of localization is not only the localization of products, but also the local resources and capabilities to support customers. Change. In order to cater for different customer's vehicle or platform differentiation, WABCO only has a deep understanding of the needs and based on the localized customization of the globally developed products in terms of performance. “This requires the close cooperation of our application engineers and customers, including Part of the local design engineer's ability to localize design capabilities, he said.

Chen Chunyi said that with the increasing number of electronic systems in the future, although the hardware is the same, each vehicle company will have different definitions for the brake comfort and brake curve changes of the whole vehicle. WABCO needs to cooperate with the entire vehicle company to achieve Its requirements for complete vehicle performance are differentiated by different parameter standards.

Ten years of innovation and development

Yu Sujie, vice president of WABCO Group and president of Asia Pacific and China, told the media that WABCO's total number of employees increased from 300 to 1,500 in ten years, and sales increased by more than 10 times. Win the market. From the localization of sales and product application in 2005, it now has a relatively complete business management team and has established a comprehensive and complete R&D, production, procurement, logistics, and project management system. She said that at present, the Chinese factory has become a very important part of WABCO's global production layout. The products it produces not only support the Asia Pacific region, but even North America and Europe.

Yu Sujie said that from her personal point of view, ten years later, she was ten years old. WABCO has achieved tremendous development achievements in China. Innovation and passion will be the basis for the continuous development and progress of WABCO and each of its employees.

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