Renault Trucks to Showcase New Euro 6 Emissions at Hanover Motor Show

According to French media reports, Renault Trucks of France will participate in the Hanover Commercial Vehicle Show (IAA) in Germany from September 20th to 27th, 2012. At that time, the company will display it for the first time to meet the anticipated effect in 2014. The new technology developed by Euro VI (EuroVI).

As a pioneer in reducing vehicle energy consumption, Renault Trucks will announce at the show all the solutions it has developed to help transporters reduce energy costs.

Under the purpose of "All For Fuel Eco" (AllForFuelEco), the company will showcase a number of cars to the outside world, including the new Renault Premium trucks with Optifuel energy-efficient solutions and Renault Premium Lander trucks equipped with OptiTrack systems. , Reynolds Master Trucks that meet the Euro 5 emission standard (Euro 5) and fuel system optimization, Renault Maxity electric trucks, Renault Premium Distribution natural gas vehicles, Renault Premium Distribution hybrid dump trucks and Renault Midlum electric trucks, which are still in the testing phase.

The report stated that Renault Trucks’s willingness to provide customers with energy-efficient high-performance trucks has reached unprecedented heights.

In addition, at this year's commercial show in Hannover, Renault Trucks will demonstrate a simulation device that reduces the energy consumption of vehicles. Visitors can learn about the potential benefits of reduced vehicle fuel consumption. As a future-oriented manufacturer, Renault Trucks will also announce three-dimensional research methods for optimizing fuel systems for large transport vehicles.

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