First Energy Efficiency Testing Professional Alliance Establishment

On September 1, China's first professional alliance for energy efficiency testing - "Shanghai Energy Efficiency Testing Strategic Alliance" was established in Shanghai Energy Efficiency Center. The establishment of the alliance was initiated by the Shanghai Energy Efficiency Center and was jointly constructed by 12 professional research institutes, universities and energy efficiency testing organizations in Shanghai, including 12 professional organizations that have long been engaged in energy-saving technology research, energy efficiency testing, and energy conservation management. Secretary of the Shanghai Municipal Commission for Economic and Trade Ruan Zhiqin, Director of Energy Conservation Yuan Qinghai, Deputy Director Tu Lide, and the relevant departments and agencies of the government such as the Municipal Development and Reform Commission, Science and Technology Commission, Technical Supervision Bureau, Energy Conservation Association, Energy Conservation Monitoring Center, and district and county energy conservation supervisors Relevant leaders and representatives of coalition members attended the inauguration and signing ceremony of the alliance.

The conference was chaired by the former Director of Qinghai, Energy Saving Commission of the Economic and Information Commission, and Secretary-General Minhiko Koji made an important speech. Chen Weihua, general manager of the Electrical System Energy Saving Engineering Center, spoke at the conference on "Improving Energy Efficiency Testing Capabilities and Promoting the Implementation of Energy-Saving Projects in Motor Systems."

The establishment of the Shanghai Energy Efficiency Testing Strategic Alliance will be guided by the national policy, based on the principles of the market, and based on honesty, equality, credit, and mutual benefit as its prerequisites. It will persist in demonstrating openness, dynamicness, strategicity, and sharing, focusing on the ten major priorities. The “Energy Conservation Project” puts forward specific requirements for the development of energy efficiency inspections, fully integrates the resources of the member units, strengthens the construction of energy efficiency testing quality management systems, strengthens domestic and international exchanges, deepens production, research, and research, and jointly commits itself to research on energy conservation diagnostics and energy efficiency system standards and methods. Improve the overall service ability and service level of energy efficiency testing, and better undertake the energy efficiency inspection personnel commissioned by the government to contribute to energy conservation and emission reduction.

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