Japan promotes domestic waste composting technology in Asia

According to Kyodo News, the domestic waste composting technology developed by the R&D personnel of the Kitakyushu City of Japan has been introduced in five countries in Asia, alleviating the problems of waste disposal such as insufficient local landfill sites. The technical feature is the use of locally available fermented foods as raw materials. Thanks to the successful reduction of 30% of garbage in Surabaya, Indonesia, the technology is currently attracting attention.

Hiroyuki Takakura, who is working for a power development company, has achieved good results in promoting domestic waste composting technology in Kitakyushu City. In 2004, he conducted technical cooperation with the non-governmental organization (NGO) of Surabaya City.

At that time, half of the total garbage in Huangshui City was domestic garbage, and there were insufficient landfill sites. Takakura said that the NGO’s garbage disposal method “is only allowed to rot”, making it a waste of fertilizer for nearly 3 months, and it is easy to produce odors and pests.

Takakura, after repeated trials, invented a method of treating domestic garbage using local fermented soybean foods. It can decompose the garbage in only two days, and there is no offensive odor. The method was widely acclaimed, and about 30,000 families in the city installed containers for composting domestic waste.

Since then, NGOs and local governments in Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Nepal have also adopted this technology. Now, Takakura cooperates with the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) Kyushu Branch to prepare for promotion in Africa.

JICA Kyushu official said: "The technology is cheap and easy to operate. It can be promoted in all regions."

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