Gottech introduces computer inverter roll grinding machine

Wuxi Gao Temai Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. caters to the trend of the world, continuously increases the scientific and technological content of products, and increases the added value. A new type of high-density and high-density fabrics for volume processing, roll grinding, and volume grinding equipment has been launched. , to become a new product for customer needs. The new dyeing and finishing equipment with the name SMD128 computer frequency conversion volume grinding machine has the specifications of 胫Φ1000 and the width of 1800~2200mm. It has the following characteristics: constant speed and constant tension control, frequency conversion communication control technology; automatic reciprocating, automatic counting, reciprocating volume grinding; temperature automatic control, water washing and spraying; friction roller 5 sets, forward direction, reverse stepless adjustment Speed; tension peach roll 4 groups, flexible arc adjustment.

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