Brief introduction of properties and application of silica sand

Silica sand for foundry is refractory particles with quartz as the main mineral component and particle size of 0.020mm-3.350mm. It is not artificial silica sand and washed silica sand, scrub sand, and selected (flotation) sand according to different mining and processing methods. Silica sand.

As the core raw material of silicon raw materials, silica plays an irreplaceable and important role in the production and supply of silicon raw materials. Its unique physical and chemical properties make it play an important role in aviation, aerospace, electronics, machinery and today's fast-growing IT industry, especially its intrinsic molecular chain structure, crystal shape and lattice change. Its high temperature resistance, small coefficient of thermal expansion, high insulation, corrosion resistance, piezoelectric effect, resonance effect and its unique optical properties make it play an increasingly important role in many high-tech products, such as IT. The core technology products of the industry - computer chips, optical fibers, resonators in the electronics industry, new electric light sources, high-insulation sealing materials, aerospace instruments, military technology products, special optical glass, chemical analysis instruments, etc. Do not open these basic materials.

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Our die casting services for Household Appliance Aluminum Die Casting Parts include the use of aluminum alloys. A key advantage of using aluminum in the die casting process is its low cost - aluminum parts are much less expensive than parts produced by other manufacturing processes. From a functionality perspective, aluminum die cast parts typically weigh one-third less than steel parts, while still offering the strength and durability that is essential for any lighting fixture.

Benefits of Aluminum Die Casting for Household Appliance Aluminum Die Casting Parts include:

          •    Save a lot of expensive secondary costs.

          •    A variety of surface treatments and coatings meet the customer's need.

          •    Rugged casting shell

          •    Use completely recyclable materials to comply with environmental regulations

          •    Corrosion resistant and easy to clean

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Household Appliance Aluminum Die Casting Parts

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