Safety technical measures for the retracement of 50108 return airway

I. Project Overview

The 50108 return airway excavation task has been completed. Our team is ready to dismantle the comprehensive excavator at the 8108 returning lane of the 50108 return airway. After the disassembly is completed, the loading retreat will be carried out. In order to ensure the safe and smooth progress of this work, the following safety technical measures are formulated.

Comprehensive excavator dismantling

1. When the comprehensive excavator is stopped at the level of the roadway for dismantling, four Φ17.8×7300mm anchor cables shall be installed at the top of the dismantling section as the hoisting anchor cable, and the drawing test shall be carried out to ensure that the drawing force is not less than 100KN.

2. Before the dismantling, firstly cut off the power and remove the power supply. When removing the comprehensive excavator, first remove the small parts on the excavator and put them into the mine car. When disassembling the oil pipe, the joints must be connected. pipe and the fitting bar on the corresponding number plate, since the respective joints sealed with a cotton tubing line opening, to prevent coal dust into the tubing, and then charged inside the vehicle pullback removal of large order: 1, removal of cut Arm (4T), 2, remove the scraper and tubing (1.5T), 3. Remove the oil pump motor (1T), 4. Remove the blade (1.5T × 2), 5. Remove the rear bracket (3T), 6 Remove the track (2.5T×2), 7. Remove the frame (4.8T).

3. After the dismantling machine is disassembled, use 5t guide chain to hang large parts and install flatbed and flower stand trucks. The hoisting chain used for hanging guide chain and hoisting should be connected with M20 bolts and nuts with 40T chain chain. The center of gravity of the large part must be centered. The large piece and the flatbed must be padded and padded with square wood. The double-strand Φ12.5mm steel wire rope and the rope card are fixed on the flat plate by two lines, and the fixing must be firm and not loose.

4. The disassembled parts of the comprehensive excavator are numbered according to the order of assembly, and then loaded by 50108 returning wind lane → 501 mining area returning wind uphill → east wing rail transit lane → bottom hole yard → auxiliary shaft bottom → ground.

Third, safety technical measures

(I), the comprehensive excavation machine disassembly, loading precautions

1. The disassembly and assembly of the comprehensive excavator must be performed by professionals, and no one else should operate at will.

2. The electrician must be cut off by the electrician before the digging machine is disassembled.

3. When disassembling, the lifting equipment and the required tool materials must be prepared.

4. When disassembling and disassembling, it must be unified and commanded by the electromechanical vice captain on the spot. It must not be blind and dry, and dismantled at will to ensure construction safety.

5. The guide chain in use during construction must be in good condition. The safety load of the guide chain should be greater than the weight of the actual lifting weight (2 pairs of 5T guide chain and 2T guide chain).

6. During the disassembly process, the pull chain personnel must stand on the outside or above the weight of the hoisting weight to prevent the heavy objects from falling and hurting people. It is strictly forbidden for the personnel to lift any part of the body as far as lifting heavy objects. on site.

7. When disassembling, parts that are tightly matched must be disassembled with special tools. Do not use a sledgehammer to forcibly knock to avoid damage to parts.

8. The loading of materials is strictly prohibited for super high and super wide. The fixing must be firm and not loose. The loading of materials must be carried out with not less than two bundles of wire ropes.

9. After loading the car, the team's electromechanical vice captain and transport personnel carefully check the bundling situation and confirm that the bundling is secure before transporting.

(II) Transportation safety precautions

1. Before transportation, organize personnel to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the transportation line to ensure that the track, winch, safety facilities, roadway, etc. along the way meet the transportation requirements.

2. The winch driver must be certified to work. Before driving the winch, the winch driver must carefully check the integrity of the winch and safety equipment.

3. Before the upgrade, the signal worker and the hook worker must carefully check the slope gear facilities, the integrity of the hook head, the safety rope and the signal, and remove the debris from the track.

4. It is strictly forbidden to suspend the car, and large parts must be upgraded by bicycle. When upgrading, strictly implement the system of “no pedestrians, no driving, no pedestrians”. Other personnel must evacuate to a safe place or evade.

5, the winch signal workers to send heavy trucks to leave, found problems in time to stop the bell, the winch driver must strictly follow the signal to drive.

6. When loading and unloading large parts, it is necessary to use 5t and 5t or more guide chain to lift and unload. The guide chain pivot point must be fixed firmly with the lifting anchor cable group. The supporting anchor cable should not be used instead of the special lifting anchor cable. The personnel stand at both ends and pull the rope to make the objects slowly load and unload. It is strictly forbidden for people to stay or pass underneath.

7. The team leader, the foreman, the security inspector, and the inspector must be on the spot to correctly implement the safety confirmation work system, timely investigate and deal with various hidden dangers, and ensure construction safety.

8. When the manpower is on the platform of the yard, only one car can be pushed at a time. Do not push the cart on both sides of the vehicle. Always pay attention to the front when you are pushing the cart. When you start to cart, park, get out of the way, find someone or obstacles in front of you, down the cart from a steep slope, and close to the exit of the ballast, corner, roadway, damper, and diverticulum, the cart must be timely Issue a siren.

9. Winch drivers, signal workers, and pick-up workers must be trained and have experience in operating and hold the certificate. It is necessary to master the length of the roadway in the operating range of the winch, the slope, the sloped section, the intermediate level yard, the roadway support, the track condition, the safety facility configuration, the signal connection, the towing length and the number of tractors required. Make sure there are no debris around the winch. Before the upgrade, the signal worker and the pick-up worker must carefully check the slope equipment, the hook head, the integrity of the signal, and check whether there are any debris on the track. Operate in strict accordance with the operating procedures. Special links and latches must be used.

10. The winch driver must wear neatly, tighten the cuffs, pay attention to the concentration, strictly follow the signal instructions, and must not leave without permission.

11. Before driving the winch, the winch driver must carefully check the integrity of the winch and the complete condition of the wire rope, hook head, signal, and car stop.

12. When operating the winch, it should be lightly lifted and slowed down. The winch driver should concentrate on listening to the signal and stop driving in time. Pay attention to the stress condition of the winch and wire rope during operation. , to find out the reasons, to deal with, not to pull hard, when handling, the winch driver grips the brakes, clears the signal, and is strictly prohibited from leaving the post.

1 Small winch is forbidden to press the two brakes at the same time to prevent the motor from being burned out.

2 It is strictly forbidden to operate on the side of the winch or in front of the drum. It is strictly forbidden to drive the rope with one hand.

3 When the vehicle is put down, it should be matched with the hook work. With the rope, it is forbidden to leave the remaining rope, so as to avoid the sudden acceleration of the steel wire rope when the vehicle passes the slope point.

4 When picking up the car, the car should be parked accurately after passing the slope point. It is forbidden to over-roll or stop parking.

5When the winch is working, pay attention to the winding of the wire rope so that it is neatly arranged. When the rope is exhausted, the remaining amount of the wire rope wound on the drum should not be less than 3 turns.

6 During the operation, the sound is not normal, and it is necessary to stop the inspection and check it in time.

7 When the difficulty is started, the cause should be ascertained and it is forbidden to start.

8 After the work is finished, the wire rope should be neatly wrapped around the drum to cut off the power supply and close the switch.

13. The winch lifting signal contact mode must adopt clear and sensitive sound and light signals, and get in and out of the vehicle signal to stipulate “one stop, two upper and three lower”. The driver can't hear the signal and is not allowed to drive. During the operation of the vehicle, no matter what signal is heard, it is treated as a stop signal and brakes immediately.

14. The signal worker will leave the truck in the signal room and find the problem and stop the bell in time. The winch driver must accurately operate the winch according to the signal.

15. If there is a drop, it must be unified command by the squad leader and experienced old workers. Multiple 5T guide chains are used to hoist the road. The lower and the two sides of the heavy truck are strictly forbidden. It is strictly forbidden to use the winch directly. During the road, the winch driver is strictly forbidden to leave the winch. It is strictly forbidden to remove the hook on the slope.

16. When lifting the car in the inclined lane, it is strictly forbidden to have someone under the slope. It is strictly forbidden to fly the car and climb, squat and jump.

17. When the material is loaded in the lane, the vehicle must be fixed firmly in front and rear.

18. The transportation line must strictly implement the “five-person joint signing” of the small winch, the authorization of the IC card to open, and the use system for the curtain.

19. Before the construction, the debris at the construction site must be cleaned up to ensure the smooth flow of the roadway.

20. When carrying materials, keep your feet steady and prevent slipping.

21. This measure does not mention the contents. If it is involved, it is strictly in accordance with the relevant provisions of the “Safety Regulations for Coal Mines” and “Technical Operation Procedures for Coal Mine Workers”.

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