Commonly used process flow for gold and silver ore flotation

Select the flotation process is usually determined according to the nature of gold and silver ore product specifications, common principles of the process are the following:

(1) Flotation + flotation concentrate cyanide The sulfide ore containing gold and silver quartz veins is subjected to flotation to obtain a small amount of concentrate, and then cyanidation treatment. Compared with the whole mud cyanidation process, the flotation concentrate cyanide has the advantages of not requiring fine grinding of all ore, saving power consumption, small plant area, and capital investment.

(2) flotation concentrate roasting + + calcine cyanidation process used to process the insoluble gold - arsenic ore, gold - antimony sulfide ores and gold content. 7 - pyrite and other minerals, the purpose of roasting is Remove elements such as arsenic and antimony that are harmful to the cyanidation process.

(3) Flotation + flotation concentrate ore fire treatment Most of the polymetallic sulfide ore containing gold and silver is treated by this method. Flotation, gold and silver into the close symbiosis with its copper, lead, gold, etc., and then sent to the smelter to recover gold.

(4) Flotation + flotation tailings or medium ore cyanidation + flotation concentrate in situ roasting cyanide This scheme is used to treat quartz vulcanization containing antimony gold, pyrrhotite, chalcopyrite and other sulfide minerals In the ore and ore, the sulfide ore can be floated out as a concentrate, and then the gold and silver in the sulfide are exposed and calcined and then cyanated. Because the middle and tailings after flotation generally contain gold and silver, they are still cyanide.

(5) Flotation of raw ore cyanide + cyanide tailings When the gold and silver in the ore and sulphide are not completely recovered by cyanidation, the slag after cyanidation is floated again, which can improve the recovery rate of gold and silver.


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