Promote the deep integration of information technology and manufacturing technology

China Jiangsu Network October 31 hearing 2016 World IoT Expo Summit - the Internet of Things + Made in China 2025 Summit held yesterday. Many experts, entrepreneurs and IoT experts in the field of manufacturing participated in the forum and conducted deep-level interactive exchanges around the theme of "Internet of Things boosting China-made products". The forum covers key areas such as big data, smart manufacturing, Internet of Things, industry 4.0 and other manufacturing industries. It has a positive role in exploring the development mode of Internet of Things + China Manufacturing and accelerating the transformation and upgrading of traditional manufacturing industries. Forum, China Electronics Standardization Institute released the "Internet of Things standardization" and "smart manufacturing capabilities maturity" white paper, to accelerate the development of things and intelligent manufacturing to provide guidance.

Internet of things + Made in China to promote the depth of integration of information technology and manufacturing technology, experts have started a hot discussion. Li Jie, consultant of the White House Information Physics System, pointed out that to successfully achieve the goal of "Made in China 2025," Chinese industrial enterprises should master the industrial data of the high-end equipment industry and fully realize China's intelligence in the field of high-end manufacturing. They should also master and use China Manufacturing industrial big data, improve the efficiency of Chinese manufacturing enterprises, to achieve energy saving, and further enhance the quality of Chinese-made products. Ding Han, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said that the prosperity of a country can not be separated from the development of manufacturing industry. The Internet of things is the crowning touch to the traditional manufacturing industry. The success of manufacturing in China lies in the ultimate grasp of details.

Internet of Things for intelligent manufacturing plug-in take-off wings. Lin Zhongqin, a member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, said in his speech that smart manufacturing needs a long process. Based on the needs and conditions of enterprises, it needs to be sub-sectorized and implemented in stages. At the same time, the core of developing smart manufacturing is people. In this respect, talent cultivation in the field of Internet of Things is also very urgent. Olaf Herzog, vice president of global factory integration at Infineon, said that the real smart manufacturing is not only high-end precision machinery and equipment, but also the entire manufacturing process, including personnel training, process reengineering of the entire system, etc., which are inseparable , Forming an organic part of smart manufacturing. Wang Wenhua, vice president of Siemens Industry Software Greater China, said that the more traditional enterprises, the greater the space for transformation of the Internet of Things. As a traditional strong manufacturing city, Wuxi has over 51,000 industrial enterprises and has great potential for application and transformation of the Internet of Things.

Municipal Committee, executive vice mayor Huang Qin to participate in the forum. (Yin Hui)

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